Balayage Hair Topper

Is it challenging for you to find the perfect color wig? Let’s give balayage hair topper a try. Balayage is a hair dyeing technique in which highlights are hand-painted on the random sections of hair, and dye is generally painted at the starting midshaft and gets denser or darker as it moves down. These hair toppers are made of 100% human hair with color swept onto the hair’s surface to give a natural and realistic look. Balayage hair topper offers you to dye it according to your taste and to make a perfect blend with your hair.

Uniwigs features a wide range of dyed wigs that you can also customize for better integration. It is a leading and well-known hair accessory brand that ensures your good hair day with high quality, durable with a natural aesthetic. If you want to get the right hair topper that sets well and looks uncanny on your hair, you are at the right place.

Best Balayage Hair Topper

Uniwigs features balayage hair wigs that come in a wide range of colors, with the diffusion of different shades that easily blend with natural hair. Moreover, they can also be customized according to your desired look. Here we have mentioned some most attractive color toppers that compliment your look. Whatever you want, you are sure you can find it here.

1. CHARLOTTE – White Blonde Balayage Hair Topper

Charlotte is one of the most popular balayage hair toppers with a blend of light beige blonde and creamy ice blonde with natural-looking dark roots. It is entirely made of Remy human hair along with straight hair textures. This premium French lace top of approximately 13 x 5 inches provides you with a natural hairline that smudges into the skin and maintains the natural aesthetics.

This hair topper is premium quality hair with long endurance and outstanding durability. Moreover, its heat-resistant quality allows for freely styling unnatural hair with curlers, flat iron, and dryer. This wig enhances the density by providing perfect volume to the top. It transforms thin hair into heavily volumized hair by adding ample hair.

2. ALLURE – Brown Remy Balayage Hair Topper

Allure is a stunning 100% natural human hair wig that adds royal essence to your look with lighter waves and long hair. It supports exquisite caramel brunette balayage color, which is the primary point to notice. The warm brown has dark roots with the incorporated honey blonde and platinum blond that provide an attractive look.

The temple-to-temple 13 x 6 lace top cap with wefted back construction offers ample volume and enables a hair parting that is freely moveable. Moreover, this wig has a supremely natural hairline that naturally blends with your skin. The natural straight hair texture looks astonishing when worn straight, but the heat endurance quality allows for different styles like curl and straightening. This natural human hair wig is a worthy addition to hair accessories.

3. DOLCE – Brown Balayage Remy Human Hair

Dolce is a heart-friendly natural human hair topper that can be styled for voluminous curls and a straight hair look. It is a luxuriously long wig with exceptionally beautiful balayage dyeing. The multi-dimensional brunette is incorporated with warmer as well as darker shades of brown for overall deep and vivid hair color.

This premium quality hair topper is known for its high quality, lightweight, and natural aesthetics. This wig looks perfectly gorgeous with every type of hair because it effortlessly shines due to the light that conveniently reflects the darker hair. The lace top cap of approximately 13 x 6 inches offers a smooth finish to the topper’s hairline. With the perfect volume, it enhances hair look and even goes for waves for extra bounce.

4. PERFECTION – Silk Top Brunette Hand-Tied Human Hair Wig

Another customer’s favorite at Uniwigs is the perfect 100% human natural Remy human hair wig. It comes with a rich brunette shade with chocolate brown balayage, giving the silky smooth and attractive texture that never goes out of fashion. This synthetic wig compliments both casual as well as formal looks.

This hair topper is made of premium quality hair to ensure a long life span with full retention of softness and durable shine. The hair texture is straight, but heat endurance quality allows you to volumize hair with funky waves and makes formal hot curls. This wig comes in various lengths with 22 inches capsize to enhance perfect volume. If you are tired of artificial-looking wigs, with a glueless silk top cap, Perfection offers a whole natural look with a natural parting that creates the illusion that hairs are growing from the scalps.

5. LARA – Blonde Balayage Remy Human Hair

Lara is another customer’s favorite look in blond balayage at Uniwigs. It is sensational style 100% Remy human hair with approximately 16 inches long strands with pre-styled layers that fall past the shoulder. This wig offers a unique toasted marigold color integrated with warm honey blond tones that easily blend with a natural blonde.

The hair is consciously collected in order to ensure a longer life span with complete softness and lasting shine. This wig features a hand-tied lace front that gives flexible movement and natural parting with versatility in styling. Moreover, this is a comfortable, lightweight hair topper with three combs attached to it. These combs are placed inside the cap and smoothly set in hair to secure the wig. With adjustable straps and heavy density, Lara is an ideal balayage hair topper for everyone.


As necessary, hair toppers have become a trendy hairstyling accessory. However, with increasing trends, it has become challenging to choose a high-quality, durable, sustainable hair wig that can enhance look with a natural aesthetic. Therefore, in order to make your decision easy as well as worthwhile, Uniwigs has introduced a wide range of wigs for all hair types.

Human hair wigs have been a premium and one-time investment for many years. Therefore, Uniwigs has created wigs that can help you create a wide range of looks for a long time if used carefully with preventive measures.

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