A Guide to Hair Extension Updo Wedding

Do you look up to that bridal hair inspiration on Pinterest? Did you know what all those amazing styles you see on the red carpet share a common interest? Yes, you guessed it right, clip-in extensions add loads of volume and additional length to your hair in merely minutes. Hence, it makes hair extensions ideal for an updo wedding offers a lot more versatility for your special look.

With plenty of options out there, you must know what you are looking for, how to style, clip, and care for them. Generally, sticking with human hair rather than synthetic one is the best option. Remy’s hair is the highest quality you can get, ensuring the extension preserves your natural look. Human hair extensions can withstand heat styling to let you have that dream bridal look.

Create Your Desired Wedding Hairstyle with Hair Extensions

On your big day, you want everything to be perfect from head to toe. Stunning jewelry, your dream wedding dress, quirky clutch, matching heels, but what about the hair? Whether you want a different hair length or add extra thickness, hair extensions can be a great way to updo a bridal hairdo.

Most Loved Hair Extensions Updo Wedding

With various hair lengths and thicknesses to pick from, you can choose to play around with different bridal looks. Get a hair trial before your actual big day to get an idea of how the final results would work out on you! Here, the best hair extensions updo wedding every bride should consider.

  1. Classic Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

Classic Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions is a go-to choice for many bridal hairdos, especially if you are wearing your hair up, adds volume and fullness to it. Just place them high on your hairline and let it lay down nice and flat. Plus, the track, the part that gets clip-in, is so thin that you won’t notice it through the hairline.

Come in eight different shades, including an amazing collection of brown and blonde

  1. Emma 22″ 260g 5 Pieces Classic Clip-In Synthetic Natural Straight Hair Extensions

A ponytail helps you achieve a fun and unexpected bridal look if you make sure it looks chic and polished. In that way, it hovers a different look from an everyday gym style. By adding the charm of a stunning clip-in ponytail, you and super-easily glam up the basic pony look.

These all come in 22-inch length with five different shades available (a few of which have multi-dimensional highlights, as well). Apart from the classic ponytail, these pieces add volume and fullness to a plain chignon or ballerina bun.

  1. Isabel 18″ 160g 10 Pieces Classic Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

With plenty of options available to choose from, go with these Isabel clip-ins if you’re looking for a more natural and subdued hair set. Catch more of a dramatic bridal hair statement with these hair extensions updo wedding. Moreover, it even offers a pre-styled beach wave extension to get a boho bride look.

These extensions are made from Remy human hair and come in an 18-inch medium length. For the final touch-up, select your dream shade before you order to ensure you choose the right one.

Updo Hair Extensions for Wedding – UniWigs.com

Uniwigs.com brings this unique category of updo hair extensions offering clip-in ponytails and buns for complimenting along with your bridal look. These hair extensions can help you achieve your dream wedding hairdo, from the perfect ballerina bun to an Ariana Grande-inspired ponytail.

Place the comb at the very top of your ponytail and then wrap the remaining hairpieces around your elastic to get a polished, classic, and on-trend wedding style.


  • Simple to use

These extensions are set around your natural hair, making it incredibly easy to apply. Simply pull your hair into a bun or ponytail style and secure it with clip-in at the base. That’s it!

  • Nearly undetectable

Hair extensions updo weddings mostly go unnoticed as many people at your wedding won’t be able to tell whether you are wearing an extension or not. So, they end up leaving you a genuine compliment about how your bun, braid, or ponytail looks

4 Reasons to Buy Hair Extensions for Wedding

  • Versatility in Hairstyling

Want to style up in a ballerina bun but have thin hair? Are you dreaming of wearing a traditional lengthy hair look but having short bob hair? Wish to have loose curls, but your hair just won’t hold them up? No problem! We believe each bride should have the best wedding hairstyle on her big day, no matter if her natural hair doesn’t go with her styl

Time to make those stunning hairstyles pined to your wedding Pinterest board a reality with newfound added length and volume!

  • Last for Honeymoon Period… and Even Afterwards

Hair extensions last more than 3-6 months and sometimes even a year or longer if cared for and used properly. Add style to your honeymoon look with these hair extensions updo wedding that keep your stunning locks flowing through your entire vacation period.

  • Temporary Styling with Zero Damage

As you enter into your new wedding phase, why not head with a fresh look that doesn’t have to last forever. With clip-in hair extensions, you can have the hair of your dreams in no time, and just as fast, you can revert back to your natural look. Besides, there are plenty of other permanent hair extension types available out there that may even cause damage to your hair or require serious maintenance & aftercare.With updo hair extensions, just go for the ideal wedding hair you want to achieve without adding any damage to your hair.

  • Added Length and Volume

We all agree over that the wedding day should be just as perfect as it could be! Tap into your femininity, and glam your look with instant long hair. So, even If you have a short bob, UniWigs blend seamlessly in your hair so that you have the hair of your dreams on your big day.

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