How to wear ponytail extensions?

Ponytail hairstyle is one of the most common and popular choices for girls. Since the earliest age, the hair is being pulled back in a ponytail so that it does not interfere with the eyes or different activities. The pony hairstyle is widely enjoyed since it is very easy to put on, style, and above all, it looks good for different styles and occasions.

Different types of hair do provide different looks of the ponytail. This majorly depends on the volume, density, and thickness of the hair. Women with thick hair will produce a big and voluminous ponytail, while the others with thin hair might not be satisfied with the look of their thin ponytail. For all those types of girls, and the ones that want to make their ponies look better, more elegant, and stylish, the ponytail hairpieces are the right option for improving and upgrading the look.

Just like other hair extensions, the ponytail hairpiece is enjoying its popularity on the hair market. What is quite interesting is the women are not always looking for extensions that will add volume and length to their entire hair, and wear it like that for longer times. There are those who only want to add that glam effect onto their ponytail and achieve glamorous, chic, and fabulous style. The best option for that is the ponytail hairpiece.

For all of you looking to upgrade your look and start wearing a ponytail hairpiece, there is a variety of options at UniWIgs. But first of all, here is everything you need to know about ponytail hairpieces.

What is a ponytail hairpiece?

The ponytail hairpiece extension is an easy, fast fix for achieving a nice and elegant hairstyle. With this extension, you can play your looks from messy-chic to ultra-sleek pony. This type of extension is very easy to attach and remove. Additionally, you can use a ribbon or any type of other hair accessories to hide the joint.

The ponytail hairpiece can be styled and shaped in many different options, like a bun, or a braid. It does not beat the look of a full ponytail, but the bun and the braid are still very popular. It is not a new thing, and many celebrities have created their signature looks just by wearing the hair up in a ponytail and adding a ponytail hairpiece.

The ponytail hairpiece looks very natural and elegant. It is ideal for all hair types. It can be worn whenever you needed, through the day or at night, and it will add that special vibe to the entire outfit and look.

How to use the ponytail hairpiece?

As mentioned above, using a ponytail hairpiece is pretty easy and very convenient even for those who are dealing with such extensions for the first time. So, it is safe to say that it is super beginner-friendly. Unlike the other types of extensions, that might ask for professional help and installations at the hair salon, the ponytail hairpiece is great for at-home use and you will most definitely get the hang of it. Here is how to use the ponytail hair extensions:

start by putting up your hair in a ponytail. Next, stick the built-in comb in under the elastic band that holds your ponytail. After that, attach the band of the ponytail hair extension. Wrap the hair strand around the fastener of the ponytail and secure it with a hairpin.

The process is so easy and in just a few minutes, you will transform your look. The ponytail hairpiece will be secured on your head, and it will not move. Additionally, it can be styled in many different ways, according to your personal preference.

How to style the ponytail hairpiece?

Now that you have decided that you will try the ponytail hairpiece, it is time to look for some styling inspiration. At UniWigs, you will find an abundance of ponytail hairpieces that serve different looks. They also come in different colors and lengths, so that there is simply everything for everyone. Here are some styling inspirations for your new ponytail hairpiece:

Long ponytail

A glamorous and graceful way to wear a ponytail is the long ponytail. It is great for any type of occasion. It provides a sleek and elegant look and makes your hair look shiny and healthy. To achieve the look of a sleek long ponytail, the best choice is the Irene Wrap around Synthetic Ponytail Extension. It is super long, and it comes in two color options: black and brown. It looks great just as a long pony or styled in a long braid, just like the celebrities wear it.

High ponytail

The high ponytail is also a popular hairstyle. It does carry a bit of a retro vibe, and it surely looks very interesting and stylish. It has that youngish note that everyone just loves about their hairstyle. It can deliver a sexy, neat, and stylish look. The Riley Wrap around ponytail extension is the choice to go with if you are going for such a look. It comes in even 12 different hair colors, which makes the option open to different styling and playing with the hair color.

Wavy ponytail

The type of ponytail that delivers a rich and elegant look is the wavy ponytail. It looks like you have pulled your wavy hair, back into a ponytail. It is voluminous and interesting and has that special casual and trendy vibe. Since achieving waves can be a hard thing, the Mila Wrap Around Synthetic Ponytail is a great option. The ends are curled and the rest of the pony looks natural.

These are the top and the most requested ponytail hairpiece styling. However, each of the pieces carries its vibe and the styling can be perfectly customized to your liking. Be sure to check the UniWigs wide offer of ponytail hairpieces and find your pick.

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