Can we get hair extensions with short hair?

Hair expansion plays an important role in our lives as one of the most important tools for modern women to increase their charm. But it is important to note that hair extensions are not just for women with long hair. Women with short hair can still transform themselves through it!

For women with short hair, they can achieve a beautiful transformation by simply choosing the right hair extensions for them. If you are a woman with short hair, you can still add volume, add color, or add length with hair extensions.

First of all, in order to achieve a more realistic and longer using life, you need to choose 100% pure human hair for hair extensions. Because human hair is lighter, it will not be a big burden on your own hair and scalp. It will also make you feel relaxed in your daily care. There is no doubt that clip-in hair extensions can be used for short hair. However, because your hair is too short, you will need to choose an invisible clip-in. Invisible hair extensions, also known as seamless hair extensions, are bonded with silicone. Silicone wefts lay completely flat against the head, for an even blend with the wearer’s natural hair.

As a brand founded in 2012 focused on giving our customers the best quality products, we think women with short hair can choose these products that not only have a wonderful hair texture, but can also be easily worn on your head, and most importantly, they are invisible!

Also, you can choose tape in hair extensions for short hair. Keratin bonded types are also a good option but note that while you will find keratin more comfortable to wear, it does not hold up as well as glue. You may need to visit a salon or stylist every 2 months for new extensions, so the cost will be higher accordingly. One good news is that hair extensions can also add volume to your locks while giving you a thicker look. If you think your hair is too thin, you can wear a small number of extensions the same length as your short hair to add thickness to your hair. Then apply longer extensions, which will make your hair look long and thick. Also, you should be careful to choose the color that most resembles your hair for hair extensions, otherwise, it will easily reveal the fact that you have short hair.

The most important point is that your hair will carry the weight of the extra strands, so the thinner your hair is, the shorter your extensions should be. You can’t just go for long hair. We do not recommend hair extensions that go to your waist, it is not good for your hair and scalp. 14-16 inches of hair extensions are the most suitable.

Once you’ve found the perfect hair extension for you, you’ll be ready for a versatile look! Don’t forget to treat your hair extensions daily with oils and combs!

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