How do you pick the Right Wig Color?

It might be challenging to find suitable colored wigs when you are new; however, it is fascinating because you get to see new wig colors, styles, and lengths. But whatever size of the wig or style you choose, selecting the wig’s color can be challenging.

Although there are many wig colors, you also have to find the right color that looks good on your skin. For this, you should know your skin color to know which shade of the wig will suit your skin best? This article will also tell you how to choose the right color of wig that looks good on your skin. So if you want to know every little detail about wigs, read more to get the answers.

Identify Your Skin Tone
The bottom of your wrist is the place to look for when identifying your skin tone. So when you remember the right color of your skin tone, it will be easy for you to find the right wig color.

Selecting Right Wig Colour
Choosing the right color for your wig is as essential as selecting your wig. However, when selecting a wig color, you should choose the opposite of your skin undertone. For example, when your skin is of a cool undertone, you should consider selecting a warm undertone to complement your skin, and if your skin is of a warm undertone, you should consider choosing a cool undertone. And if your undertone is neutral, then you can choose anything.

You can decide whatever color you want, like choosing the dark or light shade of wigs.
There are two types of tones; cool and warm tones. If you want to find which technique your skin is off, then look at the veins on your wrist.

If your veins are of purple and blue color, then you have a calm skin tone. And if your veins are greenish, you have a warm skin tone. We can provide you with the best wigs, also known as UniWigs, that are liked by 80% of our customers, so if you want to know about these wigs, then read more.

Some wigs hair color by UniWigs;

●Neon Potion
This neon-colored wig is best when used at any party because of the color your hair will naturally be prominent in the crowd.

●Hazy Amethyst Deep Purple Wavy Synthetic
Everyone likes waves in their hair, but when they come in the form of colored waves, they look good.
These are not all but some of the wigs’ hair colors. You can go and buy any of these from uniwigs to make your hair and day better.

Here are some other alternatives of wig ideas for cool-toned skin;
●Light brown
●Deep red shades
●Purple tones
●Ash-blonde (dark or light)
●Here are some wigs ideas for warm-toned skin;
●Golden, red, and brassy brown
●Golden strawberry and brassy blonde
●True and strong red

Specifying Choice of Your Wig Color
After knowing your skin tone and calm and warm colors, you can now decide properly and select from the wig collection.

When the wig’s color is paired with your skin tone correctly, that will make you look more beautiful, and your features will pop more. Just make sure not to mix your skin tone with your wig; it will make your skin look faded.

Here you will find some ideas of wig colors with your skin color and tones;

  1. Warm Undertone and Fair Skin
    Honey, dark to medium auburn, dark chocolate, mocha, and chestnut.
  2. Cool Undertone and Fair Skin
    Cocoa brown, honey, gold, mocha, chestnut, gold, strawberry blonde, dark mocha, butterscotch, caramel, amber, auburn, rust shades, copper, and burgundy red.
  3. Warm Undertone and Medium Skin
    Dark chocolate, amber, chestnut, honey, mahogany brown, mocha, golden brown, and dark auburn.
  4. Cool Undertone with Medium Skin
    Honey, auburn, cocoa brown, dark mocha, amber, rusty shades, butterscotch, caramel, strawberry blonde, and burgundy red.
  5. Warm Undertone and Dark Skin
    Cool or toffee caramel, blue-black, softer black, and licorice.
  6. Cool Undertone and Dark Skin
    Warm chocolate, dark mocha, brown-black or cocoa, golden blonde, striking dark blonde, and brassy brown.
  7. Warm Undertone and Olive Skin
    Dark chocolate, blue-black, dark golden auburn, mocha, and licorice black.
  8. Cool Undertone and Olive Skin
    Dark mocha, brown-black, genuine or warm black, cocoa, blonde or golden brown, and warm chocolate brown.

Selecting Wig Color according to Your Eye Color
Like selecting wig color according to your skin tone, you can also choose your wig color matching your eye color. Eyes are the most prominent area of a person’s face, so do not forget to check your wig’s color with your face.

People with warm eyes like green-blue or golden brown can use cool-toned wig colors. People with calm eyes like deep brown or grey-black can use warm-toned wig colors.

Selecting a Wig According to your Age
Do not use funky colors when you are old because it will naturally look odd.
Light hair color looks more pleasing than darker hair when a person gets older because blond hair provides a calmer, softer look to aged people.

Colored wigs can either lift your look or drain it. So it is necessary to find the right color for your wig. One significant advantage of wigs is changing your hair look without damaging your hair with chemicals. You can choose to wear wigs whenever you want. When facing hair loss or just wanting to change your look, make sure to select the right color for your wig that looks good on your face too.

Although you buy such wigs, you have to be careful when you are online ordering because most of the time, the color of wigs is not accurate, as shown in the pictures. A better choice is to select a color similar to your hair color. If you want to change your hair color, then you can choose any shade of wig for a new look. Select a wig color that looks good and matches your skin or eye colo

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