Say goodbye to 2021, 2022 wig trends guide (Part1)

As 2021 draws to a close, we are bidding farewell to ourselves this year while preparing for next year’s fashion.Let’s see what kind of hairstyle trend those fashionable celebrities will lead in the new year.

The first one you can see here there’s Rihanna sporting a blunt bob and blunt bobs are timeless. they’ve been on trend for a number of years, but it is another big trend for 2022 with the blunt bob, just no layering, just something which is just really precise as if a lasers cut. it just all the way around and we’re looking at that something really holding strength in there above the sort of shoulders, so you get that sort of swinginess to it, but that’s gonna be the first big trend for 2022. If you feel that black is too monotonous, then you can try this red human hair wig in the picture. The same hairstyle as Rihanna, but with a completely different color, may bring you a different sense of fashion

If you’ve got a bob and you’ve been thinking about something a little bit different, maybe ditch those layers and have a blunt bob next big trend, you can see here is Billy Eilish, and it is short shags, so the shag has been a big hit wolf cut mullets, so all that 80s hair which has been coming back longer is now going shorter. So short shags are just taking it like collarbone bobs. we’re sort of sitting as lobs and now shags are moving from here up to sort of collarbone being able to give you a bit more texture in there, but when you go shorter with the shags, you could hold a bit more density around the perimeter. So they look a bit fuller because when you start layering through here, you end up losing that density depending on how thick your hair naturally ends up, losing that that sort of thickness down the bottom. In addition to this, does it feel like Billy’s hair color is also very eye-catching? The dazzling blonde color will make you always be the highlight of the crowd. A minute to have the same hair color wig as Billy, just click on the picture to buy it.

Big trend number three for 2022 is the complete opposite to what we’ve just spoken about with those two, it’s long locks. So extensions, or if you’ve got long hair, it is going to still be on-trend. The thing with trends nowadays is what suits people, what suits their lifestyle, and if you can maintain and manage long hair, making it look fuller, sort of sexy, being able to wear it down, wear it up, curl it, then it’s going to be a big trend. And looking in the salon, we’ve had so many people wanting extensions towards the end of the year, that we can see how 2022 is going to be something for longer locks as well. So just keeping that real fullness, you’ve got Cardi B here, and you know what she’s got, she’s got that really long hair chopping and changing between wigs as they do, but long locks is a trend which is gonna be for 2022. Wanna book your stylish hairstyle for 2022 in advance? Click on the picture, you will find a surprise!

A new hairstyle represents a new beginning. Do you also have a different definition of the new year’s hairstyle trend with the same fashion sensitivity? If you have any thoughts on hair trends for the new year, let us know in the comments section. Or contact our online customer service to give us your share of suggestions for the new wigs in UniWigs.

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