Clip-in hair extensions – easy and convenient way to add volume and texture to your hair

Hair is the best and the most desired accessory that makes every woman more beautiful. Natural, strong, shiny, and healthy hair is the goal of every woman. But what happens if you cannot have that strong and seductive hair? What if your hair is thin, or you are experiencing hair loss because of a certain issue? Well, all of these things are common among women, and they can appear at different times in life and different age. However, the beauty and the hair industry have put a great focus and effort into finding different solutions that will help all these women in need. And the most common ones come in the form of extensions, toppers, and wigs.

Both practical and popular, these hair additions are making a boom on the market. Practical and easy to use, there are different solutions for different hair problems. One of the hair issues and the solution that comes with it is the hair topper for thinning crown.

A topper is sometimes also known as the half wig or top piece. However, the majority of people just call it a topper. What makes it popular and demanded is that it attaches to the hair with clips and only covers the top portion of the head. By doing that, it visibly covers the hair loss that might be visible, and also, adds volume to the crown. Specially designed to cover the hair loss at different areas of the scalp, the hair toppers come in many different shapes and sizes. It has proven to be the best solution for those who have thinning hair because it can address that partial hair loss needs. So, for all those of you who feel that your hair is lacking volume, a topper is the hairpiece that will not only conceal the areas of the hair loss but will definitely enhance the overall look. And we at UniWigs have got you covered.

Before we dive deeper into the best hair solution options that will add volume to your thinning crown, here is a better insight into what the hair topper is.

What is a hair topper?

A hair topper for thinning crown is a hairpiece or a partial wig. The basic material that is used to make the hair topper is most commonly synthetic hair, not human hair. The hair topper for the thinning crown is very demanded since it is lightweight, comfortable for the scalp, and has a wide coverage, which makes it suitable for all kinds of thinning hair. It does resemble the look of an actual wig, just comes with less hair. By covering thinning areas or bald spots, also contributes to better look and confidence, as well as adds volume and length to the hair.

When it comes to the length and the volume, another very popular solution is clip-in hair extensions. The extensions in general have been extremely demanded and used, especially because they are a quick, easy, and practical solution for those looking to make a change in their look. They come in all different lengths and colors, and they can also be treated with different hairstyling techniques that add to a better look. And those who stand out the most are the clip-in hair extensions.

The clip-in extensions are not a permanent solution. But, they are an excellent temporary one, which is an excellent choice for delivering a presentable and neat look. They have detached clips that instantly add the desired look. For those looking for length, the clip-ins are a quick solution for long hair. For those lacking volume, they easily add the graciousness of the vivid hair you have always wanted.

Since the demand and the popularity of the clip-ins are constantly growing, we at UniWigs have quite a wide offer that all of you will find more than suitable and easy to style. Take a look!

For a natural and straight hair look

The first and the most common look that the majority of women opt for is the naturally straight hair look. This is hair to achieve if you have thin hair, that lacks volume. Such hair does also tend to break and it takes a lot of time to grow to the desired length. That is why the natural straight clip-in extensions are a great solution for a quick and easy look upgrade. For the best results, go for Emma 5 Pieces Clip-in Synthetic Natura Straight Hair Extensions. They come in five different hair colors, so you can easily find the right one to match your current hair color. The clip-ins are also greatly positioned and they come just at the roots, delivering fabulous length and volume to the hair.

For the ultimate Hollywood glam

The latest hair trends put the focus on the old Hollywood glam and the waves. That is one of the most demanded looks, which surely cannot be achieved if you are dealing with thin or damaged hair. For a full, voluminous, and seductive look, clip-in hair extensions are the most suitable choice. Especially Selena Pieces Classic Slip-in Synthetic Hollywood Wave extensions. These extensions add fullness and luster to the hair and are also great under heat. They can be styled in many different looks, without suffering any kind of damage. Coming in 7 different hair colors, the look you will get will be truly exceptional.

For a quick makeover

For those who do not have a lot of time and still want to have nice-looking hair, the single-piece clip-in extensions are the fast and safe solution. As the name suggests, this type of extension comes as a single piece, in 10 different hair colors. Just putting it on, the hair will instantly get a fuller and more voluminous look. A great choice is Rebecca Single Piece Invisible Clip-in Human Hair Extension.

At UniWigs you will find many other clip-in hair extensions, each different in the properties and the results it will deliver to the look of your hair.

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