Beginners guide on hair extensions at home

If you’ve ever felt like you can rule the world on a good hair day, you’re at the right place. A good hair day does not only contribute to looks. People are more likely to feel confident and a part of a high social position. Hair extension is one out of many ways to turn that bad hair day into a good one INSTANTLY.

With more volume, more length, different styles, healthier and glossier appearance, hair extension is sure to make anyone feel attractive and well-maintained. If you’re a stranger to the hair extension world, you must have many questions that we will answer in this article.

What is a hair extension?

In general, extension is an artificial weft of hair installed in your hair to make it more voluminous and enhance hair’s overall look. There are many methods of putting extensions in place. Every hair stylist depends on the clip-in extension to give their client’s hair a healthier and fuller look and satisfy them.

The clip-in extension includes wefts of hair which is easy to fix into your natural hair. Containing small clips, you can easily clip this extension in hair. Due to more convenience, the Clip-in method is famous amongst stylists. Even people who do not know hairstyling can easily apply for hair extensions at home.

Instead of light pressure clips, Tape-in extensions feature thin tapes. A tape-in set comes with 20 pieces of hair extensions. Every piece includes double or single-sided tape along the base of the hair. This extension lies flat with your natural hair and blends perfectly with your original hair making your hair look naturally healthy.

It is best to leave the Sew-in method in the hands of your professional stylist. For this complicated method, your original hair is braided horizontally. Then, with the help of a needle and thread, an artificial extension is sown from ear to ear. While this method is considered to be more long-lasting, the application is very time-consuming. A single sew-in application appointment takes at least 3 to 6 hours.

Can I do hair extensions at home?

Absolutely! Let’s be real, long hours of grooming at a hair salon are a great way to de-stress every once in a while. In this fast-paced world, not many people can afford to regularly spend excessive money and a long time in a salon. That’s why most people prefer doing extensions at home rather than professionally.

Moreover, itchiness is commonly reported with permanent hair extensions due to cuts or sensitive scalp. Itchy scalp is especially discomforting when it’s time to sleep. For that reason, you want something temporary like clip-in extensions, which are easy to install at home. It can also be worn and taken off according to your convenience.

Uniwigskelly has a wide variety of hair extensions to match every color and texture. Whether you’re in the mood for adding length and volume to your hair or experimenting with fun and crazy styles, you can easily find a suitable clip-in extension on their website. Clip-ins are temporary extensions and extremely easy to attach and remove at home.

Is it possible to remove hair extensions yourself?

The removal of hair extension is extremely easy with a bit of DIY skills. For tape-in extensions, part your hair into sections. Apply any essential oil to the tape on the hair base, which will help the adhesive break down. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, peel away the hair. If your extension doesn’t come out easily, rub more oil on the tape and observe a longer waiting period. Avoid pulling your hair at all costs as there is a risk of breakage of your natural hair.

Clip-in extensions removal is the easiest and quickest. Simply brush your hair to get rid of tangles and expose the area where you’ve attached the hair. With one hand, secure your hair in place, and with the other hand, lift the clips and slide them out of the hair. Voila! It’s done.

Just like application, the removal of a weave extension is the most complicated. Taking off sew-in extension is complex and time-consuming and involves the risk of cutting your natural hair. This method requires a helper and lots of tools, so it’s best to let the professionals handle it.

How to dye and maintain hair extensions at home?

If you want to try some fun styles, you may change up the look of your human clip-in extensions by dying them to your favorite color. It’s important to note that a 10-volume developer shows promising results on human extensions. Also, the chances of damage increase with the use of 30 to 40 volume developers.

The process of coloring extensions is the same as the standard process. After applying color, cover it with plastic wrap and wait for 30 mins while the magic happens.  Rinse it using water at low pressure, then comb it thoroughly, and enjoy a different style.

Caring for Uniwigs hair extensions is simple as it requires minimal upkeep. To keep it looking healthy for a long time, follow these maintenance tips

  • Wash your hair once every week or once a month. Do not wash it more than that, as over-washing leads to damage and a shorter lifespan of extensions.
  • Brush hair extensions daily and especially after every use.
  • Use less but quality hair products for the best results.
  • When your extensions lose their style, it means that it’s time for new ones to go in. It’s important to replace artificial hair once they exceed their life span.


When investing your time and money in a hair extension, you want to make sure that you receive a long-lasting product that promises top-notch quality at an affordable price. Uniwigskelly has a wide range of hair extensions to suit every person’s style and fit any face shape. From funky extensions with bold colors to hair that will make you look sophisticated and more put together, this website offers it all. These attractive extensions need minimal upkeep to maintain their excellent condition. So what are you waiting for? Have fun experimenting with different styles and colors of hair extensions at home and see what works best for you.

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