Hair extensions are ruining your hair?

At the beginning I want to say: Not everyone fits for hair extensions. You may at some point, watched a shampoo advertisement with envy, wishing that it were you who had long and shinny locks like the model on the TV. Unfortunately, it is not easy to have such long beautiful hair for everyone. So you may want hair extensions to help you get your dream length and volume in a snap. But hair extensions are only perfectly fit for people with “normal” hair who have the right amount of hair on their heads to hide the joints easily. Here I am to tell you more about why hair extensions are so strict with hair volume. And if you make a wrong choice, how hair extensions will harm your hair.

Except for salon professionals, our website provides three types of hair extensions: halo extension, clip-in extension, and ponytail extension. Halo extension is a quick method of adding length and volume to your hair. Simply apart your hair into two parts, and put the halo around your head, that is all: no clips, tape, glue are necessary. You need enough hair volume to blend with the extension. The halo may give your scalp a little pressure and weight. If you are in a progressive and advanced stage of hair loss, you had better not try it. Don’t forget to adjust the halo in a correct position to hide the halo in your hair-super easily.

A clip-in extension is an attachment method by which strands of hair can be easily installed into your natural hair. You need to choose the number of clip-in extensions according to your hair situation. You can also change hair pieces’ numbers and hair color as your everyday look. But if you are suffering hair loss, the extra length and volume given by hair extensions will add weight to your precious and delicate scalp, causing extreme harm – this is where and why clip extensions are not the right way for certain people.

Ponytail extension is a perfect way to help you get along and gorgeous ponytail, whether straight or wavy, while it is the strictest way with hair volume. Before you get one ponytail extension on your hair, you need to tie a vert high or a very low ponytail for good fixation. If you choose a high ponytail, you need to make sure your natural hair is more than the extension, or your hair could not support the weight of the extension. If you are suffering hair loss, a high ponytail is not good for your scalp health, let alone add more weight to it.

Hair extensions are a product that can change your entire look in a few minutes, even seconds. However, they are not fit everyone. If you are in advanced hair loss or other hair problems, while you still want shiny and gorgeous hair, then you can choose a topper or wig to help boost your self-esteem. Hair extensions will only make your scalp situation worse within the wrong hair volume assessment.

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