Riley Ponytail Extension: Here Is Why Ponytail Is Essential To Your Overall Look

The ponytail is one of today’s most versatile and stylish hairstyles. The appearance is diverse and requires little to no styling, equipment, or specific processes to achieve. Even better, there’s a ponytail for every face shape and hair texture, whether it’s high, mid-height, low, or on the side. A ponytail may be the perfect hairdo for any occasion, from the gym to date night to your wedding. There is an endless list of all the hairstyles you can do with it, but it all comes down to one thing whether you have the right ponytail extension or not.

Well, we got you covered there with UniWigs Riley 20″ Synthetic Ponytail Extension. It’s a synthetic wraparound ponytail extension that’s natural, straight, and elegant. Riley improves your hair and aids in creating a volumized and smooth ponytail in just a few minutes. This wraparound design may be dressed up for a night out with a high ponytail or down for a smart and everyday look at the workplace.

Riley may be secured using a comb, and to make it easier to blend with your natural hair, we recommend straightening your hair and styling it into a bun before applying Riley. To wear, place the clip at the base of your ponytail and wrap the Velcro and hairpiece tightly around it. If required, secure with bobby pins at the end. It is also heat resistant, so you won’t face any problems while straightening your hair.


The Riley Extension comes in many different colors to suit all your occasions and dresses

OFF BLACK, TRUFFLE BROWN AND NATURAL BROWN: These can give you a simple look, but you can have the perfect go-to look by combining it with a lighter shade. The darker ponytail colors work with all jewel tones and are also flattering: cobalt blue, aquamarine, bottle green, and opulent gold. Look for bright tones that are clear and rich. Colors like bright pinks and berries, pure lemony yellow, pear green, and plum all work well together.

Avoid muddy and dreary colors like washed-out blues and pastels with yellow overtones, as well as heathered browns and olives. Instead of tan, choose browns with a reddish hue, such as cinnamon or creamy chocolate. Pure white on ladies with black or dark brown ponytails is usually striking, as is black. All shades of grey, from charcoal to a gentle dove, flatter you as well.

CINNAMON BROWN, DOUBLE FROST JAVA AND MAHOGANY BROWN: It is a shade on the lighter side of brown and works best with a lighter dress tone and makeup. It is best for events in daylight. You can wear colors ranging from mocha and golden to sage green and mango orange with these wigs. Warmer tones like peach or apricot, summer yellow, and apple green are also lovely. Olive, moss, or jade greens will complement your skin’s earthy tones. Dark tomato, clear brick, and burnt orange are the best reds to use. Bright whites should be avoided in favor of crisp ivory or oyster whites.

SUMMER SHANDY, ALMOND FROST, WHITE BLONDE AND BRONZED BLOND: If you’re aiming to go for a blonde look, this is the way to go. It’s best used for indoor events. Blondes look their best in bright, warm hues. Colors like yellow, orange, and rust, as well as neutrals like cream, taupe, and crisp white, should all be considered. True crimson and any shade of blue look gorgeous on platinum blondes. Warm, honey blondes look great in jewel tones, as do shades with red undertones. Your best bet is to choose saturated colors rather than pastels.

There are 14 colors to pick from and endless styles to go for, so what are you waiting for?

The structure of your face and the type of hair you have will determine the hairstyles you should choose, but not to worry. With Riley, you can go for any design you want. However, if you want a few ideas, here you go!

Ponytails Hairstyles According To Your Hair Type

Ponytails are typically long and flowing, but they can look fantastic with short hair. With short hair, you won’t be able to pull off a high ponytail, but a low pony will suit your style and give you a fresh look in seconds. Keep the ponytail textured and undone for the greatest results. It’sIt’s even fantastic when paired with fringe, which gives it a sleek, French vibe.

The classic ponytail is a style anyone can pull off if you have long, thick hair. It’s quite versatile, as you can wear it anyplace from the gym to a lunch meeting to a night out. Long ponytails, whether sleek or wavy, never go out of style. To keep your long locks looking their best, give them regular treatments and trims. Clip-in extensions are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants this style but has fine or thinning hair.

Ponytails Hairstyles According To Your Face Type

The taller the ”do, the better when it comes to a round face shape. That’sThat’s because having more height at the crown of your head will help balance out your cheeks’ roundness. Another alternative, which is especially good if your ponytail is short, is: Make a deep side part with your hair and swoop it across your forehead. Tuck the rest of your hair into a little elastic at the nape of your neck. This will create a gentle, side-swept angle over the face, which will assist hide the back ends.

Because the jawline and hairline of a square-shaped face are so chiseled, it’s vital to soften the square contour with a few strands of hair. A flowing look is created at the margins by leaving out a couple of the front sections. Adding waves and soft bangs will also help to soften the angles. This face-framing layer effect (à la Brigitte Bardot) is best achieved with a center part; balancing your face-framing sections of hair on both sides can assist soften an angular jawline and disguise breadth in the cheeks.

Ponytails are extremely adaptable and can be worn for any occasion, whether you want a laid-back style for a daytime outing or a dazzling look for a formal occasion. A sleek high ponytail is a simple yet sophisticated option for novices. Alternatively, add charming accessories like a scrunchy scarf or headband to a plain wavy ponytail. You can achieve all of that with the Riley Ponytail Extension, so hurry up and get yourself one before the stock runs out!

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